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Welcome to my sites.You will be wondering what this guy is doing with a web site while he is not yet a popular star in Nigeria. But I want to tell you that this guy you are watching on your screen is a fast rising guy in Nigeria. There is an adage that says that "Great people are ordinary people with extra-ordinary amount of determination". So not everybody you think that will make it in life often end up making it. There is also an adage that says that the kind of friends you keep determines what you are, so you need to be tough so that you can succeed in life because tough times never last but tough people do, So you need to be strong

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there is another adage that says" The secret of success is hard work" Because most of you guys are struggling to achieve at particular goal in life.

So in my site you can see my biography, profiles and my other important personalities. So whatever you are doing in life try to make yourself happy and be excited and the sky will be your limit .Also mind the kind of friends you keep because if you make friends with thieves, one day you will end up being one.. You can mail me at marvinlord2000@yahoo.com or mmarvyls@aol.com for those in America.

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email me @ marvinugorji@yahoo.com or

call me 2348034400321


This is marvin himself on yourself screen,

Hi, whaz happening over there and how is life affecting you,positively or negatively.If positve,Fine and if negative.Try to solve it because there is nothing impossible on this planet earth.So be wise so as to make wise decisions.So cheer up yourself.


AS you navigate through my global site you will come to know more about my humble self and my personalities. So be wise so that you can make wise decisions.

Enjoy yourself and have a lovely day out there.


Ugorji Marvin.

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